MunchPak Review

Hey Everyone,

In the past I have subscribed to subscription boxes and most of them have been nerdy with the exception of IPSY which I have just gotten back into! I then stumbled upon this particular box and decided I would give it a try. MunchPak is a subscription box that is packed full of snacks from around the world. Their websites states that each month they will surprise the subscriber with awesome new facts and the subscriber will always find a favorite. There are different levels to choose from: MunchPak Mini offers a variety of 5+ items, MunchPak offers a variety of 10+ items and FamilyPak offers a variety of 20+ items.

Now of course each of these are a different price: MunchPak mini retails for $12.95 per delivery, MunchPak retails for $22.95 per delivery and FamilyPak retails for $42.95 per delivery. It states per delivery for a very important reason, it isn’t limited to only once per month like most subscription boxes out there. In fact it offers a choice of once per month, once every two weeks or once a week. Now that’s a lot of snacks from around the world. You can also customize your taste palate however each choice for this step is an extra $1 which can add up pretty quickly. Finally you can add a drink with the choices of tea or coffee for $5 each. I choose the MunchPak Mini with no customization and no added drink as I am just trying it out this time around. I also had a discount when I ordered so my first box was $9.95.

I waited and waited for the box, started to think I wasn’t going to get it and when I had just given up hope it arrived on the 20th of the month. This isn’t a bad date for a subscription box as I do live in Canada and it is a US based company. I was so excited to open the box and taste the snacks. But first the outside of the box was really cute and it looked a lot more fun than most of the boxes I’ve gotten in the past. I was already impressed with the outside of the box, if the inside was just as good I would be all set. So I opened the box and inside was instructions that included downloading the app to be able to scan the products. Cool, it was interactive so of course I downloaded the app, scanned all the items and set to a taste test with a friend.

The first item I tried was Swizzels Drumstick. This is a candy from the United Kingdom and the description given by the app is “Drumstick is yummy candy for all ages. A UK favorite, packed with milk and raspberry flavor!” When I unwrapped the candy the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled delicious, I could smell the raspberry for sure. Then came the taste test, it was a little hard at first for a chew. The ‘outer layer’ was hard, however as soon as you got past that and into the more chewy part things turned around. This candy is very chewy and I felt as if I was chewing for longer than I should have been. With the chewing it took me a minute to remember I had to taste the candy and when I took the time to taste it there was a very nice flavor to it. My friend gave the candy a 3/10 as he is not a candy fan. I gave this candy a 5/10, would try it again but I wont go looking for it.

Next came some cookies, Festy Strawberry Cookies to be exact. Coming from Columbia the description reads “These scrumptious treats are made of delicious strawberry cream filling that is sandwiched between perfectly crunchy sugar cookies.” It also included a fun fact about Columbia which I thought was pretty cool. Now I was pretty skeptical about this one because I am not a fan of sugar cookies but I figured I would give it a try because it have a very nice aroma of strawberries. The filling was not too much and not too little which was also nice to see in a cookie. My friend gave the cookie a 6.5/10 while I gave it a 5/10. I was surprised by how much I was okay eating it since I don’t like sugar cookies however I’m not about to run out and buy a ton of them.

Middle treat we tried was a Lusette Double Chocolate Wafer from Poland. MunchPak describes this wafer as having “so much cream and chocolate that it’s like eating a crunchy candy bar! Covered with a top layer of milk chocolate and layered with chocolate wafer cream.” I was interested to give this one a try and was not disappointed. While it was rather chocolaty the combination of the wafer and chocolate was a very well thought out combination and I enjoyed this treat. My friend and I both gave this bar a 7/10. I would try these again and would even go on an adventure to find them if I ever found myself in Poland.

Next we dug into some Kathy Kaye Glazed Popcorn in the flavor chocolaty vanilla twist. The popcorn comes from the United States and the app reads, “Popcorn, vanilla and chocolate are the dream team you didn’t know would be perfect until now! Perfectly popped, perfectly glazed, perfectly tasty!” I had high hopes for this one as I love popcorn, I am a firm believer in eating popcorn whenever I get the chance. However I was very disappointed by this treat. I enjoyed that the package had an easy to open rip area so I didn’t struggle to open it. The taste just wasn’t for me. It was a strange mixture of chocolate, vanilla and popcorn. I also found that it was a very sweet, something I used to love but have very recently stopped eat too many sweet things. My friend also did not enjoy the popcorn and gave it a 4/10. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to give this treat and I settled on a 3/10.

Last but not least came Hula Hoops and they were in the flavor salt and vinegar. I am so glad we saved these for last. The app tells us, “These crunchy, salty crisps are always a good time! It might take four billion Hula Hoops to go around the world, but why try to go around the world when you can just eat all of them instead?” Usually something with a salt and vinegar taste has a very overpowering taste, however these did not. There was a perfect amount of flavor on them and I loved them. They had the perfect amount of crunch and they are something I would eat time and time again. My friend doesn’t like salt and vinegar but he liked these. He gave them a 9.5/10 and said he took of the .5 because they didn’t have flavors that he liked. I give this a solid 10/10.

Overall I am very happy with this subscription box. I do believe that it was worth the money and when I get a little more money I will be investing in the MunchPak with 10+ items just to get a little more each time. I would recommend this subscription box to anyone who was looking for something to try. It’s worth it, plus you get to eat snacks and you can’t go wrong with that.


Talk Soon,


Secret Santa Rant and Tips

So this is just a little rant so I can get it off my chest. I don’t mean to offend anyone in any way and I’m sorry if I do. I will not be using any names.

So a little background: in part of a group on Facebook and we did a secret Santa this year. Everyone signed up giving a list of things that they like as well as a link to a collection site so that everyone would know what people had, or a link to their want list. The admin then messaged people privately with who they had to buy for.

When I got the message about who I had the first thing I did was screenshot their list of things that they like as well as some of the things from their want list so I would have some ideas of what they wanted. I also kept checking back to both lists to ensure they would like everything that I got them. Finally when it was all ready I sent it out. Over the next few weeks people began posting what they got and I was getting excited to get mine. Finally it arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it. However once I opened it my excitement melted away. In the box were three things.

Now I don’t care about the amount of items, in fact someone could have sent me one thing and I would have been happy with it. No what got me was what the items were. The first was a Thor Ragnarok mystery mini, I am not a fan of marvel. However this wasn’t too bad as I do like and collect mystery minis. The second item was a Star Wars item. I personally do not like Star Wars at all so this wasn’t something I would ever use. And the third item was a collectors item that I already have that is on the collectors list that I posted so my secret Santa would know what I have. This was the entire contents of my secret Santa gift.

I am not someone who complains about gifts because it’s the thought that counts. No what I am upset about is this person put no effort or thought into the gift. I gave a pretty extensive list of things that I like so that the person would have a lot of things to choose from and yet nothing I received was anywhere on that list. I don’t like Star Wars so that wasn’t on the list and I am not a fan of anything marvel so that was not on the list either. In fact let me give you my list: Batman, Harry Potter, horror, the 100, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things. There are many items within those categories that could have been put into the gift and it sucks that I put so much thought into the gift I sent and got something without any thought put into it.

I think if someone were going to join a secret Santa exchange they should make sure to put thought into it. Everyone who joins a secret Santa hopes they will get something that they are going to like. And when there is the added help of a list of likes they expect something they are going to like. When you expect to get something that you are going to like you need to put thought into the gift you are sending to ensure the person you are sending to also gets something they like.

With all that being said here are some secret Santa tips:

  1. Make sure to find out what the person you are sending the gift to likes
  2. If you don’t have a list to go off of ask around and see if you can get an idea
  3. Put as much thought into the gift you are sending that you would like someone to put into your gift
  4. If you are having trouble finding things ask people you know (“if I was looking for something Batman do you know where I could find it?”)

There are many other things that can be done to ensure the person you are sending or giving the gift to will like what they are getting. Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading through my rant.

Talk Soon,


Puppy Love

Hey Everyone,

So something many of you don’t know is that I have a puppy. He was born June 2nd 2017 so he is still very much a baby. His name is Logan and I have to say he is a pretty awesome puppy. I love him and I would never trade him for anything. However there are a lot of things that I never expected when getting a puppy.

My family has had puppies before but they have never 100% been mine. Logan is mine 100% and he always will be. Although as much as I love him there are some things I can do without. Most predominantly chewing up my clothes, he seems to think it’s a good idea to chew up anything he is close to and this usually means clothes. He has even gone into the laundry hamper and taken clothes out to chew on. Now I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with this but I let Logan sleep in my room with me instead of in a kennel. This morning I woke up to a candle chewed up. He doesn’t usually chew things at night so this was a surprise, and not a nice surprise.

His chewing has been slowing down and doesn’t happen as often but it still happens. I’ve gotten him a lot of toys, he seems to be picky when it comes to toys. He isn’t a big fan of toys that squeak or harder toys. There is one toy I have found that he loves and it’s durable against his chewing. The Tuffy has been able to stand against his chewing and he is a tough chewer. This is a toy I would highly recommend for anyone who has a tough chewer. It comes in multiple colours but I choose the red. Even with other toys in the room This is always Logan’s choice of toy and I am very happy with it. People have asked me what you I prefer for Logan and time and time again this is the toy that I go to.

This brings me to treats. Since Logan is a puppy I am training him and therefor I am using treats. But there are so many treats how do I choose which ones to give? Well I don’t make a lot of money and honestly money is a big factor so in the beginning I was buying what was on sale. There was a point where Blue Buffalo treats went on sale so I bought them and I am beyond happy that I did. Logan loves them and is one happy puppy whenever he gets them. He seems to prefer them over any other treat I’ve ever bought him. Even when the treats aren’t on sale I buy them, they aren’t too expensive and they are working. I recommend them.

Now for something that doesn’t have my vote. I was looking for something Christmas related and so I found Three Dog Bakery Gingerbeg Wafers, I bought them thinking they would be a good treat for Logan. I was far from right, as much as he liked them they gave him a bad case of the runs. It was a few days before I realized that it was the treats that was causing the diarrhea. I stopped giving them to him and sure enough the runs stopped. Now I’m not saying this is going to happen to every dog who has these they just don’t work for Logan.

Every day with Logan has been a learning experience and there is never a dull moment with a puppy by my side. We have our ups and downs but there is so much loved shared between the two of us. Getting a puppy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He helps me with more than I knew he would help with. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and Logan helps with it. He makes getting up in the morning easier and I am much happier since he has come into my life. I will be making a post at a later time to go more in depth on how Logan helps with anxiety.

Do I recommend getting a puppy? That’s a little more complicated than just a yes or no. You have to be sure that you are ready for everything that owning a puppy entails. Do your research before getting a puppy, don’t just get one because you think dogs are cute. It is a lot of responsibility to own a dog and it’s not fair to the puppy if you aren’t ready for it. Once you have done your research and are sure you are ready for a puppy I recommend getting one.

Tuffy: 10/10

Blue Buffalo treats: 9/10

Gingerbeg Wafers: 2/10

Talk Soon,


A New Perspective

Hello Everyone,

Recently I’ve been talking to someone who has gotten me thinking about different things. It has given me a fresh perspective on a lot. Mainly the little things that we take for granted based on where we have grown up or the life we have lived. Things that we don’t stop to think about that are part of our regular life. Now I understand that everyone has a different life and everyone goes through different things and has different things and experiences so that isn’t a surprise to me. No what has given me a new perspective is the things that I don’t think about but are always there.

For starters I live fairly close to Niagara Falls and therefore have grown up being able to see the Falls whenever I wanted regardless of anything else going on. It has gotten to the point that for me it is just some water falling over a cliff and yet thousands of people flock to Niagara Falls to experience everything it has to offer. I do appreciate the Falls and the science behind it all. However this is still just so water for me. I believe this is due to the fact that I am able to drive past the Falls whenever I want. In fact I work in Niagara Falls. However recently I have been talking to someone who is new to the area and thus the Falls is something that they have never seen before. It is this spectacular sight which they are able to fully appreciate. Hearing the way they describe this has made me think about the Falls in a new way. I understand the appeal of this location more than I have ever before.

The same thing has happened with snow. I have grown up getting snow every year. When I was a child it was awesome when snow came and I would eagerly wait for the okay to go outside and play. Now as an adult things are different and I actually really dislike the snow. In fact I dread the winter because I know that snow comes with it. However this person that I am talking to has never seen snow before this week. We are getting a lot of snow right now and so for someone experiencing snow for the first time it is a great first snow. I received a text about this experience and my eyes were opened. It was as if they were a child experience snow for the first time and it was a genuine reaction to it. There was nothing standing in the way of the snow being appreciated fully for what it was, snow. There was no previous thoughts or biases to go off of for them. The snow was simple just something new for them and I tried to look at snow through their eyes.

It is both of these things that has made me stop and think about the little things. These are things that are a part of my every day life. Things I haven’t taken a moment to stop and think about. I probably would never have stopped to think about it if I hadn’t been talking to this person I’m talking to. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to be able to appreciate things for what they are. I have come to realize the true beauty in both the Falls and the snow. Perhaps I will be able to carry this with me and look at other things a different way.

You hear about everyone having different experiences all the time. Have you ever stopped to think about just your own experience? Taken the time to appreciate those little things that have always been there? Next time you get a chance take a step back and find those things in life that have always been there but never been on your mind. You might start to see things in a different way than you currently do.

Talk soon,


Review: Sakura Pigma Sensei

Hello Everyone,

Since starting my journey into bullet journalling I’ve tried a few different fine liner pens/markers. I’ve tried some from the dollar store that come in multiple colours. When I’m running low on cash and need some new fine liners the dollar store is a good place to head. I have found the Studio brand to be quite reliable and minimal shadowing. However when I’ve got a little extra money and need some new fine liners I usually go for Sakura Pigma Sensei. I bought the pack that comes with many different sizes so that I could try them out to see what I liked best.

I have found that I prefer two different sizes over the other’s. My go to is the 0.4mm as it is the perfect size for the writing that I am doing. When making lines the 0.4 is the perfect thickness and creates smooth lines. There isn’t too much shadowing either. I am someone who doesn’t draw/write on both sides of the paper so shadowing doesn’t bother me anyway. I have been using pen I have for a few months now with quite a bit of use and it is still writing as if it were new. I haven’t had it run out of ink yet so I am unsure of how long it lasts, however I’m happy with the length of use so far. Sometimes I do things that need a thicker tip and that is when I turn to the other size that I like out of the pack. The 1.0mm is perfect for when I need a thicker line or would like to fill something in with the black. This pen provides a very rich colour and I use it quite often. I think I’m going to get a longer use out of this one than the 0.4 but again I haven’t finished either of them so I’m not sure yet.

Overall I would highly recommend the Sakura Pigma Sensei to anyone looking for a fine liner pen. I have used the pen for bullet journalling, zentangle, card making, and just general writing. This pen has seen me through a lot. I believe this is a great pen for both beginners and the more experienced.



Talk Soon,