Puppy Love

Hey Everyone,

So something many of you don’t know is that I have a puppy. He was born June 2nd 2017 so he is still very much a baby. His name is Logan and I have to say he is a pretty awesome puppy. I love him and I would never trade him for anything. However there are a lot of things that I never expected when getting a puppy.

My family has had puppies before but they have never 100% been mine. Logan is mine 100% and he always will be. Although as much as I love him there are some things I can do without. Most predominantly chewing up my clothes, he seems to think it’s a good idea to chew up anything he is close to and this usually means clothes. He has even gone into the laundry hamper and taken clothes out to chew on. Now I know a lot of people aren’t going to agree with this but I let Logan sleep in my room with me instead of in a kennel. This morning I woke up to a candle chewed up. He doesn’t usually chew things at night so this was a surprise, and not a nice surprise.

His chewing has been slowing down and doesn’t happen as often but it still happens. I’ve gotten him a lot of toys, he seems to be picky when it comes to toys. He isn’t a big fan of toys that squeak or harder toys. There is one toy I have found that he loves and it’s durable against his chewing. The Tuffy has been able to stand against his chewing and he is a tough chewer. This is a toy I would highly recommend for anyone who has a tough chewer. It comes in multiple colours but I choose the red. Even with other toys in the room This is always Logan’s choice of toy and I am very happy with it. People have asked me what you I prefer for Logan and time and time again this is the toy that I go to.

This brings me to treats. Since Logan is a puppy I am training him and therefor I am using treats. But there are so many treats how do I choose which ones to give? Well I don’t make a lot of money and honestly money is a big factor so in the beginning I was buying what was on sale. There was a point where Blue Buffalo treats went on sale so I bought them and I am beyond happy that I did. Logan loves them and is one happy puppy whenever he gets them. He seems to prefer them over any other treat I’ve ever bought him. Even when the treats aren’t on sale I buy them, they aren’t too expensive and they are working. I recommend them.

Now for something that doesn’t have my vote. I was looking for something Christmas related and so I found Three Dog Bakery Gingerbeg Wafers, I bought them thinking they would be a good treat for Logan. I was far from right, as much as he liked them they gave him a bad case of the runs. It was a few days before I realized that it was the treats that was causing the diarrhea. I stopped giving them to him and sure enough the runs stopped. Now I’m not saying this is going to happen to every dog who has these they just don’t work for Logan.

Every day with Logan has been a learning experience and there is never a dull moment with a puppy by my side. We have our ups and downs but there is so much loved shared between the two of us. Getting a puppy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He helps me with more than I knew he would help with. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and Logan helps with it. He makes getting up in the morning easier and I am much happier since he has come into my life. I will be making a post at a later time to go more in depth on how Logan helps with anxiety.

Do I recommend getting a puppy? That’s a little more complicated than just a yes or no. You have to be sure that you are ready for everything that owning a puppy entails. Do your research before getting a puppy, don’t just get one because you think dogs are cute. It is a lot of responsibility to own a dog and it’s not fair to the puppy if you aren’t ready for it. Once you have done your research and are sure you are ready for a puppy I recommend getting one.

Tuffy: 10/10

Blue Buffalo treats: 9/10

Gingerbeg Wafers: 2/10

Talk Soon,


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