Secret Santa Rant and Tips

So this is just a little rant so I can get it off my chest. I don’t mean to offend anyone in any way and I’m sorry if I do. I will not be using any names.

So a little background: in part of a group on Facebook and we did a secret Santa this year. Everyone signed up giving a list of things that they like as well as a link to a collection site so that everyone would know what people had, or a link to their want list. The admin then messaged people privately with who they had to buy for.

When I got the message about who I had the first thing I did was screenshot their list of things that they like as well as some of the things from their want list so I would have some ideas of what they wanted. I also kept checking back to both lists to ensure they would like everything that I got them. Finally when it was all ready I sent it out. Over the next few weeks people began posting what they got and I was getting excited to get mine. Finally it arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it. However once I opened it my excitement melted away. In the box were three things.

Now I don’t care about the amount of items, in fact someone could have sent me one thing and I would have been happy with it. No what got me was what the items were. The first was a Thor Ragnarok mystery mini, I am not a fan of marvel. However this wasn’t too bad as I do like and collect mystery minis. The second item was a Star Wars item. I personally do not like Star Wars at all so this wasn’t something I would ever use. And the third item was a collectors item that I already have that is on the collectors list that I posted so my secret Santa would know what I have. This was the entire contents of my secret Santa gift.

I am not someone who complains about gifts because it’s the thought that counts. No what I am upset about is this person put no effort or thought into the gift. I gave a pretty extensive list of things that I like so that the person would have a lot of things to choose from and yet nothing I received was anywhere on that list. I don’t like Star Wars so that wasn’t on the list and I am not a fan of anything marvel so that was not on the list either. In fact let me give you my list: Batman, Harry Potter, horror, the 100, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things. There are many items within those categories that could have been put into the gift and it sucks that I put so much thought into the gift I sent and got something without any thought put into it.

I think if someone were going to join a secret Santa exchange they should make sure to put thought into it. Everyone who joins a secret Santa hopes they will get something that they are going to like. And when there is the added help of a list of likes they expect something they are going to like. When you expect to get something that you are going to like you need to put thought into the gift you are sending to ensure the person you are sending to also gets something they like.

With all that being said here are some secret Santa tips:

  1. Make sure to find out what the person you are sending the gift to likes
  2. If you don’t have a list to go off of ask around and see if you can get an idea
  3. Put as much thought into the gift you are sending that you would like someone to put into your gift
  4. If you are having trouble finding things ask people you know (“if I was looking for something Batman do you know where I could find it?”)

There are many other things that can be done to ensure the person you are sending or giving the gift to will like what they are getting. Do you have any tips? Leave them in the comments.

Thanks for reading through my rant.

Talk Soon,


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