MunchPak Review

Hey Everyone,

In the past I have subscribed to subscription boxes and most of them have been nerdy with the exception of IPSY which I have just gotten back into! I then stumbled upon this particular box and decided I would give it a try. MunchPak is a subscription box that is packed full of snacks from around the world. Their websites states that each month they will surprise the subscriber with awesome new facts and the subscriber will always find a favorite. There are different levels to choose from: MunchPak Mini offers a variety of 5+ items, MunchPak offers a variety of 10+ items and FamilyPak offers a variety of 20+ items.

Now of course each of these are a different price: MunchPak mini retails for $12.95 per delivery, MunchPak retails for $22.95 per delivery and FamilyPak retails for $42.95 per delivery. It states per delivery for a very important reason, it isn’t limited to only once per month like most subscription boxes out there. In fact it offers a choice of once per month, once every two weeks or once a week. Now that’s a lot of snacks from around the world. You can also customize your taste palate however each choice for this step is an extra $1 which can add up pretty quickly. Finally you can add a drink with the choices of tea or coffee for $5 each. I choose the MunchPak Mini with no customization and no added drink as I am just trying it out this time around. I also had a discount when I ordered so my first box was $9.95.

I waited and waited for the box, started to think I wasn’t going to get it and when I had just given up hope it arrived on the 20th of the month. This isn’t a bad date for a subscription box as I do live in Canada and it is a US based company. I was so excited to open the box and taste the snacks. But first the outside of the box was really cute and it looked a lot more fun than most of the boxes I’ve gotten in the past. I was already impressed with the outside of the box, if the inside was just as good I would be all set. So I opened the box and inside was instructions that included downloading the app to be able to scan the products. Cool, it was interactive so of course I downloaded the app, scanned all the items and set to a taste test with a friend.

The first item I tried was Swizzels Drumstick. This is a candy from the United Kingdom and the description given by the app is “Drumstick is yummy candy for all ages. A UK favorite, packed with milk and raspberry flavor!” When I unwrapped the candy the first thing I noticed was the smell. It smelled delicious, I could smell the raspberry for sure. Then came the taste test, it was a little hard at first for a chew. The ‘outer layer’ was hard, however as soon as you got past that and into the more chewy part things turned around. This candy is very chewy and I felt as if I was chewing for longer than I should have been. With the chewing it took me a minute to remember I had to taste the candy and when I took the time to taste it there was a very nice flavor to it. My friend gave the candy a 3/10 as he is not a candy fan. I gave this candy a 5/10, would try it again but I wont go looking for it.

Next came some cookies, Festy Strawberry Cookies to be exact. Coming from Columbia the description reads “These scrumptious treats are made of delicious strawberry cream filling that is sandwiched between perfectly crunchy sugar cookies.” It also included a fun fact about Columbia which I thought was pretty cool. Now I was pretty skeptical about this one because I am not a fan of sugar cookies but I figured I would give it a try because it have a very nice aroma of strawberries. The filling was not too much and not too little which was also nice to see in a cookie. My friend gave the cookie a 6.5/10 while I gave it a 5/10. I was surprised by how much I was okay eating it since I don’t like sugar cookies however I’m not about to run out and buy a ton of them.

Middle treat we tried was a Lusette Double Chocolate Wafer from Poland. MunchPak describes this wafer as having “so much cream and chocolate that it’s like eating a crunchy candy bar! Covered with a top layer of milk chocolate and layered with chocolate wafer cream.” I was interested to give this one a try and was not disappointed. While it was rather chocolaty the combination of the wafer and chocolate was a very well thought out combination and I enjoyed this treat. My friend and I both gave this bar a 7/10. I would try these again and would even go on an adventure to find them if I ever found myself in Poland.

Next we dug into some Kathy Kaye Glazed Popcorn in the flavor chocolaty vanilla twist. The popcorn comes from the United States and the app reads, “Popcorn, vanilla and chocolate are the dream team you didn’t know would be perfect until now! Perfectly popped, perfectly glazed, perfectly tasty!” I had high hopes for this one as I love popcorn, I am a firm believer in eating popcorn whenever I get the chance. However I was very disappointed by this treat. I enjoyed that the package had an easy to open rip area so I didn’t struggle to open it. The taste just wasn’t for me. It was a strange mixture of chocolate, vanilla and popcorn. I also found that it was a very sweet, something I used to love but have very recently stopped eat too many sweet things. My friend also did not enjoy the popcorn and gave it a 4/10. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to give this treat and I settled on a 3/10.

Last but not least came Hula Hoops and they were in the flavor salt and vinegar. I am so glad we saved these for last. The app tells us, “These crunchy, salty crisps are always a good time! It might take four billion Hula Hoops to go around the world, but why try to go around the world when you can just eat all of them instead?” Usually something with a salt and vinegar taste has a very overpowering taste, however these did not. There was a perfect amount of flavor on them and I loved them. They had the perfect amount of crunch and they are something I would eat time and time again. My friend doesn’t like salt and vinegar but he liked these. He gave them a 9.5/10 and said he took of the .5 because they didn’t have flavors that he liked. I give this a solid 10/10.

Overall I am very happy with this subscription box. I do believe that it was worth the money and when I get a little more money I will be investing in the MunchPak with 10+ items just to get a little more each time. I would recommend this subscription box to anyone who was looking for something to try. It’s worth it, plus you get to eat snacks and you can’t go wrong with that.


Talk Soon,


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