30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

5 ways to win your heart

  1. A planned date. Not just oh I planned dinner and a movie. Something that has been planned and it is very clear that they put thought into it. Something that shows the person who planned it knows me and the stuff I like. Or something that shows the person who planned it wants to share something they like with me
  2. Be faithful. There is nothing I hate more than being cheated on. In order to win my heart someone needs to be faithful and show me I am the only one for them
  3. Share and listen. I like getting to know someone and having someone get to know me. I love when someone cares enough to learn about me. I love being able to share my life with others
  4. Teach me. My whole life I have loved learning whether in school or out of school. A sure way to my heart is to teach me something, show me something new. Introduce me to something you know a lot about
  5. Be kind. I have a little sister who has special needs and too many people are mean spirited about it. I need someone who doesn’t see the difference, someone who will respect everyone regardless of anything that might make them different. Everyone is unique and the way to my heart is to respect that and be kind to everyone

Talk Soon,


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