Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament

Hey Guys,

On March 4th 2018 I had the pleasure of covering a Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament at Play and Collect for Ultimate GeekZone and it was a ton of fun. First let me say that before this I had never played Double Dash, I have played Mario Kart for the Wii but this was something new to me. Leading up to the tournament I was excited to see what it would hold, who was going to win, and were people going to be into it? I very quickly found the answers to those questions but that’s getting ahead of myself.

So I’ll start with what is Play and Collect? Well for those of you who don’t know Play and Collect is only the coolest store in history. They sell nerdy collectibles, games, game systems, plush toys, pop figures, board games, really anything nerdy. Every time I walk into the store I feel at home, the staff is so friendly and welcoming. It’s definitely somewhere you need to check out if you are in the Beamsville, ON area. If you aren’t in the area you can always check them out online, they ship worldwide. Honestly Play and Collect is the place to go and I will be shopping there for years to come.

Alright so moving onto the tournament, my YouTube partner and I got there while they were setting things up and already I could tell it was going to get intense, though I didn’t know just how intense it was going to get. I opted out of signing up for the tournament as I had never played the game before, but I’m coming for that trophy next time. People started to arrive, the atmosphere was at an all time high. There were people of all ages and everyone was just as excited for the tournament as I was, I knew it was going to be a good day. The staff at Play and Collect were very efficient getting everything set up and ready to go. They even had a Twitch Live Stream set up which has been archived so it can still be watched. We took a picture for Ultimate GeekZone’s Instagram.

Finally the rules were read and the tournament was underway. Let me say people got into it pretty quickly and it was interesting to watch. Some races were really close and some were won by a landslide but each and every race brought a different experience for the racers and the audience. Some players didn’t know what was happening but they managed to make it through somehow. Other players had been playing for years and tore up the track. Regardless of skill set it was a good effort put in by all and proved to be an entertaining tournament.

There were heats and once you had lost you moved into the losers’ heat, while the winners moved into the winners’ heat. The winner of the losers’ heat and the winner of the winners’ heat were to face off in the final race to decide who would win and take home the trophy. As the final race approached everyone got more and more into the game, everyone was trying to pull out all the tricks to attempt to make it to that final battle for the win. Friends turned on each other and players had to remain focused on the race in front of them. The audience got really into the battle as it continued, and finally we were left with the two who were going to battle it out for that final win and the victory to end all victories. The last races were tough ones, it was a close race the entire time through until eventually Chase pulled into the lead and took it all.

Overall it was a blast had by everyone involved and I’m sure many, if not all, of them will be returning for future tournaments. I know that I’ll be back for the next one, I’m even going to sign myself up this time around. So watch out Chase I’m coming for your trophy!

Talk Soon


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