New Year… New Me…

Hey Everyone,

So to start I know this is the whole new year new me thing is very overdone but I’m jumping on the band wagon to talk about it from my perspective.

Let’s talk about 2017 to get that out of the way. 2017 had a lot of ups and downs, there were points where I was very down in the dumps and points where I was on top of the world. Starting out I was in a job that stressed me out each and every day. I would get anxiety in the morning before leaving and would sometimes cry on the way home. I wasn’t the only one feeling like that but that is all for another post. I hated the person I was and there were a lot of things I wished that I could change about myself. As the year progressed there were a lot of times that seemed like things weren’t going to get better. I was stressing out about everything thrown my way. It was like bad things were happening one after the other. It was a really low point of my life.

Then things seemed to turn around. I got a new job and right away a lot of stress and anxiety was lifted. I was already happier and people around me were noticing it. This change in mood seemed to change a lot and life started to get better. It was strange to think that one small change made such a huge difference in everything. I came out of my shell a little more and started talking to people which isn’t something I would have done before. I had a little more confidence. Over the year there have been a lot of things I am happy to say that I have done. I’ve escaped from escape rooms, made new friends, spent time with friends and family, visited my family that I haven’t seen in a while, gone to Cuba and just gone on some awesome adventures. Don’t get me wrong there are still times when I’m down even since getting the new job. There are times when I still hate myself but that is something I am working on. I can’t say that 2017 was good or bad because it was a mixture of both.

Now for 2018 and what I hope the new year brings. First I want to feel better about myself and that involves taking care of myself. I am going to be eating healthier in the new year, this is something I started a little at the end of 2017. I’m hoping to lose some weight but I want to do it in a healthy way. I might even track my progress here, who knows. I have also been getting into bullet journaling and that is something I want to keep up. It keeps me organized and being organized helps with my mental state. One of the biggest things I want from the new year is to find a way to alleviate the amount of anxiety I have. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about doing this but it’s a work in progress. Most of all though I want to love myself. I’m on a path to liking myself and it’s a hard journey but I want to get there. I want to see myself how my friends see me. 2018 is the year of big changes for me and hopefully it’s the year of self love.

Whether you make resolutions or not it’s a new year and there are new things to try each and every day. Make the most out of each one.

Talk Soon,


A New Perspective

Hello Everyone,

Recently I’ve been talking to someone who has gotten me thinking about different things. It has given me a fresh perspective on a lot. Mainly the little things that we take for granted based on where we have grown up or the life we have lived. Things that we don’t stop to think about that are part of our regular life. Now I understand that everyone has a different life and everyone goes through different things and has different things and experiences so that isn’t a surprise to me. No what has given me a new perspective is the things that I don’t think about but are always there.

For starters I live fairly close to Niagara Falls and therefore have grown up being able to see the Falls whenever I wanted regardless of anything else going on. It has gotten to the point that for me it is just some water falling over a cliff and yet thousands of people flock to Niagara Falls to experience everything it has to offer. I do appreciate the Falls and the science behind it all. However this is still just so water for me. I believe this is due to the fact that I am able to drive past the Falls whenever I want. In fact I work in Niagara Falls. However recently I have been talking to someone who is new to the area and thus the Falls is something that they have never seen before. It is this spectacular sight which they are able to fully appreciate. Hearing the way they describe this has made me think about the Falls in a new way. I understand the appeal of this location more than I have ever before.

The same thing has happened with snow. I have grown up getting snow every year. When I was a child it was awesome when snow came and I would eagerly wait for the okay to go outside and play. Now as an adult things are different and I actually really dislike the snow. In fact I dread the winter because I know that snow comes with it. However this person that I am talking to has never seen snow before this week. We are getting a lot of snow right now and so for someone experiencing snow for the first time it is a great first snow. I received a text about this experience and my eyes were opened. It was as if they were a child experience snow for the first time and it was a genuine reaction to it. There was nothing standing in the way of the snow being appreciated fully for what it was, snow. There was no previous thoughts or biases to go off of for them. The snow was simple just something new for them and I tried to look at snow through their eyes.

It is both of these things that has made me stop and think about the little things. These are things that are a part of my every day life. Things I haven’t taken a moment to stop and think about. I probably would never have stopped to think about it if I hadn’t been talking to this person I’m talking to. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to be able to appreciate things for what they are. I have come to realize the true beauty in both the Falls and the snow. Perhaps I will be able to carry this with me and look at other things a different way.

You hear about everyone having different experiences all the time. Have you ever stopped to think about just your own experience? Taken the time to appreciate those little things that have always been there? Next time you get a chance take a step back and find those things in life that have always been there but never been on your mind. You might start to see things in a different way than you currently do.

Talk soon,


This is Me

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I thought I would take this first post to introduce myself and tell you all a little about me because I look forward to getting to know all of you. Not to mention the best way to get to know someone is by finding things that you can relate to. Okay okay maybe it’s because my mom always taught me that in order to make friends you have to talk to people so I guess that might be the real reason. Anyway how about we get started?

My name is Lyndsay and I am 1/2 of the Ultimate GeekZoneĀ  team. My friend Tyler and I decided with a spur of the moment decision that creating a YouTube channel would be something we would enjoy. We decided we enjoy all things nerdy and geeky so we created Ultimate GeekZone and it has just become this thing for us. We are working more and more on it everyday. Who knows where it will take us, all I know is I love what we are doing and getting to do some pretty nerdy things can’t be beat. While I would love to be able to film for YouTube and blog all day long the reality is I am an Early Childhood Educator. Yes that means I have made the crazy decision to work with children for the rest of my life, I was even insane enough to go to college for it. I have always worked with children and don’t get me wrong I do love it. Sometimes it can be trying, however for the most part it is a very rewarding career.

So that is my more professional stuff, now to something a little more personal. I am the oldest of three children, I was lucky enough to get both a brother and a sister, and I use to term lucky very loosely. No actually my siblings are both pretty great. My little brother is only about 20 months younger than I am so we grew up spending time together and as much as I won’t tell him this I am grateful to have him in my life. He has done a lot for me over the years. My little sister is 9 years younger than me and she was born with special needs so my relationship with her is much different than my relationship with my brother. She has been able to accomplish many things and I am very proud of everything she has been able to do. My mother is a single mother and the strongest woman I know. She is such an amazing person and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her in my life. I am thankful each and every day that I get to call her mom.

Okay that was more background than I thought was going to happen which means it’s about time to move on to something else. What am I interested in? Well books and television and really anything nerdy. More specific? That I can do I think. My favourite book of all time is One of Us is Lying by Karen M McManus. I also enjoy reading Harry Potter and Ellen Hopkins. I have read so many books and my favourite always seems to be changing once I’ve found new books. My top movie is Identity and that has been a favourite for quite some time. I love horror movies and thrillers that make you think about what is going on. I’ve also been known to watch some pretty strange movies, really I’ll try any movie at least once. As for television there are a few I’m watching, though Teen Wolf is my favourite even if it is over. I also stay pretty current on the 100, Stranger Things, and Riverdale. There are a bunch more that I could list but those are the main ones. My favourite superhero is Batman, I even have a Batman tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos I have 6 in total so far, with Batman being the only really nerdy one but I do have plans to change that. I might be a little addicted to tattoos. Other than collecting tattoos there are a few other things that I collect. Funko Pop figures are the top of that collection list for me. I have a vast list of Funko Pops that I own and the list is always growing. I also collect books, certain Lego sets, mugs, pins, Living Dead Dolls and anything Batman (this whole Batman thing might be becoming a problem). I also recently got a puppy, which is named Logan (yes after Wolverine), so I collect Batman dog items which is a lot harder to find around my hometown.

So that’s me, or at least everything I can think of at the moment. If there is anything else that you really want to know all you have to do is ask. I’m pretty much an open book and I am way better at answering questions about myself than I am at coming up with stuff about me. If there is something we have in common let me know, I love talking to people who have something in common. And if we don’t have anything in common tell me a little something about yourself.

Talk Soon,