30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 21 and 22

Day 21: What are three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

When I have children there are many lessons I want them to learn from me but the three most important ones I want them to learn are;

  1. Don’t let anyone get you down. You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself so always do what you strive to do regardless on if people believe you can do it or not.
  2. Not everything is going to be fair. Life isn’t fair but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Things are going to happen that bring you down, things you are going to wonder why they are happening to you. But you will be able to get through it if you keep your head up high and keep moving forward
  3. Hard work goes a long way. You can be anyone you want to be and achieve anything you want to achieve as long as you work hard. Don’t give up on your dreams and work to get to your end goal

Day 22: Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs

  1. Complicated; Avril Lavigne
  2. We Come Running; Youngblood Hawks
  3. Riddin’; Chamillionaire
  4. In Da Club; 50 Cent
  5. Dynamite; Taio Cruz
  6. Thunder; Imagine Dragons
  7. Good Life; G-Easy
  8. Havana; Camila Cabello
  9. Cheap Thrills; Pitch Perfect 3 Soundtrack
  10. Just Hold On; Steve Aoki

Talk Soon,


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 19 and 20

Day 19: Discuss your first love

It was the summer before high school started that I met him and instantly fell for him. We dated off and on through high school and I was in love with him for the majority of it. I was so in love that there were times I let him treat me like shit, times I let him get away with things I should never have let him get away with. There were a lot of good times but there were also a lot of bad times. Eventually I was able to see that things that were happening were not okay and we broke up for good. He called my mom on his wedding day to tell her that he was still in love with me. But I have moved in and I don’t want him in my life in any way.

Day 20: Post about Three Celebrity crushes

  1. Dylan O’Brien; ever since I first saw him in Teen Wolf he has been a celebrity crush of mine. I have watched every single thing he has been in
  2. John Cusack; he is my all time favourite actor and one of my celebrity crushes. I think he is brilliant and has such talent. I have even been lucky enough to meet him
  3. Zac Efron; this crush didn’t start until later after his high school musical stuff. I mean look at him now, enough said

Talk Soon,


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 17 and 18

Day 17: Post About your Zodiac sign and whether or not it suits you

So Libra is my zodiac and below is a picture of what that means. Some of it suites me and some of it doesn’t. I have another blog post planned where I will go more in depth to this, that will be coming after the challenge.

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself

  1. I am the oldest of three children
  2. I have a puppy named Logan
  3. Batman is my favourite superhero
  4. I enjoy bullet Journalling
  5. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator
  6. I used to act when I was younger
  7. I really enjoy musicals
  8. I am a Girl Guide of Canada leader
  9. I have been to a few different places and New York City has been my favourite so far
  10. I have a total of 6 tattoos
  11. One place that I want to go is British Columbia
  12. I have been on a cruise and I loved it except I get sea sick
  13. I love doing escape rooms and I’m getting really good at them
  14. I don’t post on Facebook very much but I do check it at least once a day
  15. I have a YouTube channel that I started with a friend of mine
  16. One day I would like to be a mother
  17. I have anxiety so some things are difficult for me
  18. I have worked in more than one daycare and I love the one that I am in right now
  19. I love Harry Potter and have read every book at least 10 times each
  20. I hate shopping
  21. I love being able to paint, draw and colour
  22. I love driving and prefer to drive than be a passenger
  23. I am really close to my mom and spend time with her as much as possible
  24. I want to travel to England and have wanted to until I was a child
  25. Even though I live in Canada I hate snow
  26. I watch very random things
  27. I don’t like country music
  28. I don’t like confrontation but I am the first one to call something out if it is getting done wrong
  29. I am not a fan of carbonated beverages, in fact I would rather drink water than something else
  30. I find it really hard to talk about myself

Talk Soon,


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 16

Something that you miss

Believe it or not I miss being in college. I miss waking up and getting ready to go learn something. I miss seeing my partner in crime everyday and meeting up before class with her. I miss hanging out between classes, trying to figure out what we are going to do when we have a few hours to kill. I miss learning something new. Sitting in a classroom while a teacher stands up front and teaches us something we are going to have to use in the future.

I miss how easy it all seemed to be back then. I didn’t have all the responsibility that I have now because my sole responsibility was getting an education. The world didn’t seem so hard, school was something I was good at. I miss staying up late to finish a project and not being exhausted the next day because I stayed up past nine. I miss the feeling of accomplishment when I finished that project in time to hand it in. School made me feel good about myself and that feeling is the thing I miss most about it.

Talk Soon,


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13, 14 and 15

Day 13: What are you excited about?

This is a hard one because there isn’t really anything I am overly excited about right now. Things are going as normal so that’s pretty cool but there isn’t anything noteworthy. I guess I could say I’m excited that I managed to get a Sheldon Cooper Funko POP figure that I have been wanting for while.

Day 14: Post your favourite movies that you never get tired of watching

Oh goodness, there are a few of them to be honest.

  1. Identity
  2. Insidious
  3. Maze Runner
  4. Any of the Harry Potter movies
  5. Shutter Island
  6. Jumanji

Day 15: Bullet-point your whole day

  • Woke up and took Logan outside
  • Bathroom and brushed teeth
  • Let Logan back inside and put him in the dog room for the day
  • Got dressed and left for work
  • Worked first part of a split shift
  • Went for breakfast with some co-workers to discuss the PD day on Friday
  • Went home
  • Let Logan outside and inside again
  • Watched Netflix and did some drawing
  • Let Logan outside and inside again
  • Went back to work
  • Worked second part of split shift
  • Went home
  • Let Logan outside and inside again
  • Ate dinner
  • Put food away
  • Watched some television with Mom
  • Let Eli (mom’s dog) outside and inside
  • Let Logan outside and inside one last time
  • Did some bullet Journalling
  • Wrote this post
  • Will be going to bed

Talk Soon,