30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 23 – 27

Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone


I miss you more than I can put into words. Each and every day I think about you and I hate that you aren’t here anymore. I thought it would get easier with time but it hasn’t and it sucks. I hate not having you to be able to just call on my way home from work like I used to. I hate not being able to drive to see you for dinner before driving the hour home so that I wouldn’t miss work in the morning. I hate not being able to tell you everything.

It isn’t fair that you were taken from us. There are so many bad people in the world and yet you were the one taken. I think about you all the time and miss you even more often. I love you so much and I am going to keep living my life trying to make sure you would be proud of me. You mean so much to me and I will never stop loving you.

Till we meet again,


Day 24: Write about a lesson you learned the hard way

I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way but the one that comes to mind is not to trust everyone. Sure there are some people in the world that can be trusted but there are also a lot of people who shouldn’t be trusted. I used to trust a lot more easily than I do now even when I had a bad feeling about something but now I know to follow my gut when it’s telling me not to trust.

Day 25: Think of any word and search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image

Word: Believe

Dreams are a strange but wonderful thing, they come in two rather abstract concepts. Let’s begin with the one most people think about when someone says dream, the ones that happen when you are sleeping. Such a concept to think that our minds can create these images while we are asleep. When all other functions are put on pause we still see those images and they create something we might not understand. Though dreams are our subconscious trying to convey something we want or something we are afraid of happening.

So why is it that the second type of dream is where we set a goal we wish to achieve? Well it is because we are aiming for something that we want and while there may be fears holding us back that goal is still present. I believe that in a way the two concepts intertwine with each other and although we may not know it they each shape the other. Follow your dreams, both kinds and reach for the stars.

Day 26: Write and area in your life that you’d like to improve

This was by far the easiest one for me to do… I want to improve the way I see myself. I want to be able to love myself. I have been through a lot and come out stronger but I still have many many moments where I hate myself and I hate the way I look. I’m working each and every day on loving myself and accepting myself for everything I’ve been through and all the scars that I carry but it is still a difficult road.

Day 27: Write about something that’s kicking ass right now

Last night I went to my first paint night and I think it kicked ass. I loved it and I’ve signed up for the next one. I also have my bullet journal going and it’s allowing me that creative outlet. I believe the creative parts of my life are kicking ass!

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 12

Write about 5 blessings in your life

  1. My mom. I’ve been through a lot in my life and there have been some really rough times. My mom has been there through everything and is the person who keeps me going. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mom in my life.
  2. My siblings. As much as we might fight and bicker my siblings are very important to me. My brother has seen me through a lot and has helped me more than he will ever know. My sister shows me each and every day that though someone might be different they can still accomplish the same things.
  3. My friends. My friends are there to pick me up when I’m down and I am thankful for each and every one of them. I know that I can always count on them and that is such a good feeling to have. My friends are really important to me and I don’t think I would be where I am without them.
  4. My puppy. Logan is fairly new in my life but he has already done so much for me. Whenever I am having a lot of anxiety he seems to know and he is there. He has a way of calming me down which is simply amazing.
  5. The opportunities I have been offered. There have been some points in my life when I have been down and thought things were going to stay bad. But I have been offered a lot of opportunities that have brought me back up and given me hope for the future and that hope is something that can’t be beat.

Talk Soon,


30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4

Write about someone who inspires you

My Whim Partner is the person I have chosen to write about for the someone who inspires me. Growing up my Whim partner and I weren’t friends. I was the same age as their sister and based on my dislike for their sister I disliked them. Further in life I had a chance to spend time with them and I realized they were nothing like their sister, that was when we became friends. When we first became friends we were both over weight, though they seemed happier about it than I did. I didn’t know how they could be so positive about it. However by watching them I learned to be a little more positive about the way that I look. They opened my eyes to seeing some things in a different way.

My Whim partner then got the news that they needed to lose weight for health reasons and started their journey towards weight loss. Watching them go through their journey I know that it is possible and it has inspired me to lose weight as well but that isn’t the only way my Whim partner has inspired me. I have watched them go through many struggles and come out of them a stronger person than when the struggles started. I have watched them on a path of self love. My Whim partner can always seem to find a positive from a negative situation. They are such an amazing person, someone I aspire to be. I want to be as strong as they are, I want to be able to find that self love. Seeing that it is possible helps. My Whim partner has inspired me more than I think they know they have. Whenever I need those uplifting words I know they can be found with my Whim partner. When I feel like giving up I look back at everything they have achieved and I remember where my sights are set.

So thank you Whim Partner for just being who you are. Thank you for inspiring me each and every day. And thank you for letting me be part of your life. You mean so much to me and I am beyond happy to not only call you a friend but to call you my Whim partner. ❤️

Talk Soon,


What Friends Are For

Friends is an abstract concept to some, what does that term mean? Essentially it is a group of people that someone has picked to spend time with based on a group of qualities that they find pleasing. But what does that mean? What is involved in being a friend? This is something I have been learning over the years and each group of friends brings some new light to the concept.

When I was growing up I had a few close friends and it was more like we were thrown together. I have remained best friends with my best friend from kindergarten. Though now that I think about it if we hadn’t been friends all along we probably wouldn’t have talked to each other because we are very different. We are into different things and have gone down different paths in our lives and yet we remain friends over 20 years later. Over the years friends have come and gone and I’m not friends with many of the people I was friends with in high school.

It wasn’t until college that I met the friends I am closest to now. My partner in crime was in my class in college and to this day I consider her one of my closest friends. My Whim partner I met at work over the summer and they are one of my closest friends now as well. These two are really the two people who have taught me what friends are for. They have shown me the true meaning of friendship and what it means to pick friends based on how you complement each other rather than being thrown together in life. I know I wouldn’t be who I am without them in my life, and I know that I have friends for life.

They, along with a few other friends, have been there for me through a lot. When I needed friends most they were the two who were there. Whenever I need to talk to someone they are the two I think about first. Over the years not only have they talked me through the rough times but I have talked them through the rough times and I think that has only brought us closer together. They are my friend soulmates and that is something I can say with confidence and I hope that they feel the same way as I do. They truly do mean the world to me and I would do anything for them because that’s what friends are for.

So what are friends for? Being there for each other through both the good times and the bad? Bringing out the best in each other to make the other the best person they can be? Staying up late when you need some friend time? Bringing you up when you are feeling bad about yourself? Being honest with you in a way that doesn’t hurt you but still let’s you know something is wrong? Supporting you no matter what decisions you make?

The answer isn’t just one thing. In fact the answer is all of the above and so much more. Being a friend means something different to every single person in the world but not one answer is right. It is a mixture of so many things and when put all together it makes up a friend. This is what makes friends such a unique concept and what can make it so hard to figure out what it means to be a friend. As long as you be yourself and be the best friend you can be then you’ve got it covered because what you think a friend is isn’t wrong.

Talk Soon


A New Perspective

Hello Everyone,

Recently I’ve been talking to someone who has gotten me thinking about different things. It has given me a fresh perspective on a lot. Mainly the little things that we take for granted based on where we have grown up or the life we have lived. Things that we don’t stop to think about that are part of our regular life. Now I understand that everyone has a different life and everyone goes through different things and has different things and experiences so that isn’t a surprise to me. No what has given me a new perspective is the things that I don’t think about but are always there.

For starters I live fairly close to Niagara Falls and therefore have grown up being able to see the Falls whenever I wanted regardless of anything else going on. It has gotten to the point that for me it is just some water falling over a cliff and yet thousands of people flock to Niagara Falls to experience everything it has to offer. I do appreciate the Falls and the science behind it all. However this is still just so water for me. I believe this is due to the fact that I am able to drive past the Falls whenever I want. In fact I work in Niagara Falls. However recently I have been talking to someone who is new to the area and thus the Falls is something that they have never seen before. It is this spectacular sight which they are able to fully appreciate. Hearing the way they describe this has made me think about the Falls in a new way. I understand the appeal of this location more than I have ever before.

The same thing has happened with snow. I have grown up getting snow every year. When I was a child it was awesome when snow came and I would eagerly wait for the okay to go outside and play. Now as an adult things are different and I actually really dislike the snow. In fact I dread the winter because I know that snow comes with it. However this person that I am talking to has never seen snow before this week. We are getting a lot of snow right now and so for someone experiencing snow for the first time it is a great first snow. I received a text about this experience and my eyes were opened. It was as if they were a child experience snow for the first time and it was a genuine reaction to it. There was nothing standing in the way of the snow being appreciated fully for what it was, snow. There was no previous thoughts or biases to go off of for them. The snow was simple just something new for them and I tried to look at snow through their eyes.

It is both of these things that has made me stop and think about the little things. These are things that are a part of my every day life. Things I haven’t taken a moment to stop and think about. I probably would never have stopped to think about it if I hadn’t been talking to this person I’m talking to. Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to be able to appreciate things for what they are. I have come to realize the true beauty in both the Falls and the snow. Perhaps I will be able to carry this with me and look at other things a different way.

You hear about everyone having different experiences all the time. Have you ever stopped to think about just your own experience? Taken the time to appreciate those little things that have always been there? Next time you get a chance take a step back and find those things in life that have always been there but never been on your mind. You might start to see things in a different way than you currently do.

Talk soon,